Sponsored Verticals

Institutions and companies can chose to sponsor one (or more) of the hundreds of sections on the allAfrica site – one for each African country (English and French) and for some 70 topical sections, ranging from business and technology to sports, health, gender and more. One example: Innovation 'Powered by GE Africa'

Relevant content from the sponsor is displayed on the page along with news coverage aggregated from 120 African publishers and other content providers and original content produced by the award-winning AllAfrica news team.

Another high-visibility sponsorship opportunity is an editorially managed briefing or case study focused on a specific topic or event. This includes original reporting by AllAfrica and African publisher partners and may also incorporate content from sponsors and/or organizations with expertise in the field. These can be one-off or sections that are updated over an extended period, as appropriate for the issue covered and the budget available.