HIGH VISIBLITY for Press Statements, Job Openings and Other Releases

Sponsored press statements, job openings and other releases are published on ad-free pages with headlines displayed for a contracted period (usually one week) in the Notices and Announcements sections across the AllAfrica site.

Notices and Announcements boxes appear prominently on all AllAfrica’s home page and 78 topical and 55 country pages, offering high visibility to a targeted audience with demonstrated interest in the content. While the 1000+ news articles posted on AllAfrica daily rapidly pass through headline listings, sponsored notices and announcements remain on display on headline pages for the contracted period. All content remains accessible and searchable in AllAfrica’s popular news archive after the contract is concluded.

Global Distribution

Notices and Announcements reach another set of readers via the AllAfrica News Wire which is disseminated to institutional, corporate, and financial clients through Bloomberg, Factiva (Dow Jones), LexisNexis, ProQuest and L'Européenne de Données - services which collectively reach millions of end users worldwide.


Pricing Plans

Choose placement on the allAfrica home page and/or on more than 140 geographical and topical sections.


  • Single Post (one week)
    Home page$500
    Home page + 3 sections$650
    Country/Regional Page$200
    Topical Page$200
  • Ten Prepaid Posts (one week)
    Home page$4750
    Home page + 3 sections$6125
    Country/Regional Page$1900
    Topical Page$1900


  • Single Post (one week)
    Home page$250
    Home page + 3 sections$325
    Country/Regional Page$100
    Topical Page$100
  • Ten Prepaid Posts (one week)
    Home page$2375
    Home page + 3 sections$3088
    Country/Regional Page$950
    Topical Page$950

For prepaid packages of 20 or more - 10% discount, 15% discount for 30+ or more